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Doug Jones, and his wife Heidi, began exploring the possibility of replacing their own kitchen counter top with traditional granite back in 2003, but the thought of tearing out the existing counter, combined with the loss of use, weight factor and cost of thicker granite seemed excessive.

We were our first customer…

Searching for a better alternative, Doug and Heidi learned about engineered stone which was priced considerably less than granite, and installed over the existing counter. It appeared to be the perfect solution, although the product did not have the same shine or cold feel as granite when compared side-by-side.

Not convinced that engineered stone was right product because the material appeared dull and had no life compared to traditional Granite counter tops, their search continued.

During a family vacation at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Heidi admired the beautiful granite counter tops in the hotel room’s bathroom and commented to the staff, who advised that the stone was actually an overlay.
Sold on the concept of an overlay process, and now having discovered that an actual granite overlay product existed, Doug took to the internet and found the Company in Europe who was producing sheets for wall cladding applications. Realizing the market potential, Doug signed an exclusive North America wide agreement to distribute, sell, fabricate and install, what is now called SmartStone.
Doug Jones CRS Granite with Judy Marsales MPP“Starting a business off with only four walls, and no Customer base, did not deter us from beginning this venture, because we believe in the product potential, our abilities, and the endless opportunities within Canada and the United States. You must believe in the product you sell or you will likely fail.”

“We intentionally held back actively promoting CRS, to hire the right people, perfect our manufacturing process, develop relationships, and to secure our place within the Kitchen & Bath renovation industry. We are exceptionally pleased to see a steady increase of orders, combined with the positive response from homeowners that will create the dynamics on which to grow our business.”
– Doug Jones, President of CRS.

Now with more than 2000 installation sites throughout Southern, Ontario, and no shortage of sales orders, CRS has evolved into a full scale Kitchen & Bathroom renovation Company, manufacturing its own custom cabinets and a complete line of countertops.