RTF (Rigid Thermo-Foil) doors cost less, easy-to-clean, durable, and available in many wood-like finishes. RTF doors are manufactured in 1 piece using a high density fibre particle base which is shaped by sophisticated CNC routers with cutting edge software technology.

Prestige doors are manufactured in 5 pieces assembled together with a seamless layer of polyester veneer (0.05mm) to both sides of a MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) substrate at fairly high heat. Doors are extremely durable, fade-resistant and come in a variety of colours.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Paintable doors are manufactured 1 piece from refined pine and or eucalyptus chips blended with synthetic resins to produce a versatile material that is so dense and highly resistant to denting, chipping and warping. It has no imperfections, knots or impurities that alter the appearance of the product over time, making it easy to router and perfect for painting doors.

Wood Veneer doors have the look of solid wood but cost less. Made from thin slices of wood and glued onto a core panels made of particle board. The frame is still usually made of solid wood that is assembled together in 5 pieces. This process makes a durable and beautiful door, and makes otherwise expensive exotic woods affordable.

Solid Wood doors are ¾” thick available in Maple, Oak, Cherry and Pine assembled together in 5 pieces. Rail and stile joints are all glued for superior strength, and designed to accommodate seasonal humidity, ensuring maximum durability over time. The choice of stain colour options is overwhelming.

Mitered Wood doors allows for the wood grain to follow in a continues direction and can be used anywhere you would use a wooden door. Mitered doors cost more than most because of the complexity to manufacture and assemble 5 pieces are the most expensive matching materials are available for gables and frames.

RTF doors have the look of real wood but are about 1/3 the price of Solid Wood. RTF material can be easily replaced compared to solid wood that is next to impossible to match stain, finish and wood grain.

Cabinet recolouring is the most economical way to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom, providing you are happy with the existing door style and cabinetry layout.

Refacing costs about 40% less than replacing cabinetry and orders are manufactured within 2 – 3 weeks, transforming your kitchen in just a few days, without shutting down the heart of the home or living through a full scale demolition.

A full scale Kitchen remodeling project allows you to create the perfect work space that caters specifically to your unique lifestyle, without sacrificing functionality, colours or door styles.

CRS has a unique advantage over competitors because we manufacture our own cabinets and countertops in-house. By owning the manufacturing component, finished products are custom made to fit perfectly and installed much faster, minimizing the disruption in the home. 

You should cater your design to the largest percent of population that would desire your kitchen. The following age groups are looking for specific colours, designs and features within a kitchen:

AGES 25 to 35, tend to prefer dark counters, light to medium toned cabinets with a 50/50 mix of contemporary and traditional styles with clean lines. Desired features include tall cabinets, large drawers, deep pantry, breakfast bar or island.

AGES 35 to 45, tend to lean towards light counters and dark to medium toned cabinetry. There’s also a 50/50 split among this group on contemporary and traditional style. Features are the same as ages 25 to 35, although crown mouldings, light valance, under cabinet task lights and soft close hardware are extremely popular.

AGES 45 to 55, age groups prefer light counters and neutral toned cabinetry. This age group likes to make safe design choices. They opt for the more traditional types. Accessibility and pull-out features such as smart corner, waste pails, spice racks, cutlery trays, wine racks and more pull-out drawers add the greatest value.